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stomp music

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going a bit mad

an idea for music.

possibly too fiddly. i will keep looking for other things.

testing movement climbing

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this weekend i...

i made these after thinking about what peter said as to whether we take it 'to the next level' with scaling up the idea of animal heads or leave it as it is. with these we can make an informed decision and decide completely why we would have it how we would. also had a thought that maybe the part where marie is dancing with captain is when actually a big masquerade ball and so the costume would be more elaborate and obvious as it is 'fancy dress' and then it would be quite interesting to show this as woyzeck's completion in to insanity. as to the doctor, me and charlie were talking and perhaps he should be human? because if he's meant to be higher in the food chain than the lion perhaps that is a human, also interesting as animal cruelty/testing?
in no way are these finals but they are just to give an idea to how it would look and to show EXPERIMENTATION so....

just an idea that the captain who we haven't got an animal for yet (could be wrong) could be a wolf, predator etc.

before painting

he now looks quite friendly... LETS TURN IT IN TO A COMEDY! NO?
bad photo of it but black swan mask for marie, the idea was that the feathers go back in to her hair so not that obvious
parrot haven't taken eye holes out yet
white swan, again marie, experimenting with it.

Looking at physical theatre. Rather than just 'dance' in integrates the text much better

  • Work is often devised, rather than originated from a pre-existing script (an exception to this would be Shared Experience who focus on making contemporary reinterpretations of highly literary plays including A Doll's House by Ibsen and War and Peace by Tolstoy).
  • Work has inter-disciplinary origins - it crosses between music, dance, visual art as well as theatre.
  • Work challenges the traditional, proscenium arch, performer/audience relationship.
  • Work celebrates the non-passive audience.
  • Work utilises the imagination of the audience in conjunction with the imagination of the performers

originated from jaques lecoq clowning school, and i can see links now from our lesson. We used object manipulation and the pipes are also being used for many different purposes by the performers.

looked up the adaptations they recommended
this is one of the plays 'a dolls house' by bate breath theatre company.

put more up later xxx

Monday, 31 May 2010

walking on the pipes

hey flozzer thats a good example of how wide we want the pipes to be...also are they gong to be bare footed because we need to see if they would slip off etc... im getting my housemate to take pictures of me on a climbing frame, how else can we develop our ideas with the set? we could do the trapeses thing would be really worth it i reckon, just quite expensive?? what do you guys think?

Sunday, 30 May 2010

i know its not a great example but this width was really easy to walk on and move about really easily on. the one below was a bit trickier but still possible, you can tell by the shoes roughly how wide it is.

Friday, 28 May 2010


Sorry for late posting i passed some onto florence already but here is the full list of suggestions to look at.

Linking our peice to nature?
Is the pipes the wilderness or is man the human natural form? Define this clearer.
I have done some stage drawings of the pipes inspired by leaves and the patterns within them. However I see the man/beast symbolising the nature in our peice.

Is it true to the text? As we are going more abstact we can afford to move away from the text if we wish. Are ALL the scenes vital? Is it a more movement peice (physical theatre?)I like the idea of combining movement and play?? http://www.franticassembly.co.uk/pl24.html(Stockholm by frantic assembly)

The pipes as practicality. How wide? Can they walk on them? Harness? (i think no harness make the audience sweat!) What kind of actors do we need? dancers? acrobats/moutain climbers???

The pipes theme. 70s stage design? CLICHE!! beware of that! or consiously put it in. Making it different by using water through the pipes/ using the idea of a cage. is it boring with no change?? should we have pipes that fly in? or something else? no inside/outwside good or bad!!! Test with....
climbing frames
gym equipment
circuis space
Look at peter brook 'midsummers night dream' and some play by sally jacobs that i dont have the name of

The characters
Is a lion appropriote? As it suggests no hope for woyzech the whole time. is the drum major the leader of everyone??? doctor has power but frog doesnt resemble this so much. dog can be feral and wild?

How we treat animals is coming up as a strong theme.
Watch 'the animals film

re invent it???

kate xxxxxx

stage designs

this went wrong when uploading photos, sorry but i'm going to print them off and i'll show you all of them when i see you, sorry for bad posting

nicholas georgiadis set design for Les Hermanas, a sadlers wells ballet, 1971

peter j davison-edward II
struttgart ballet 1995

ralph koltai-metropolis, machine room 1989

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

this is a video i found whilst researching schizophrenia as woyzeck seems to have some of the symptons/ all of them, anyway so its not perfect because on other websites people with schizophrenia say its not quite like that but i doubt someone would be able to get it right, so this is a brief idea, either way its a bit freaky...

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

manet was the first artist to acknowledge the spectator with 'balcony' do we want to acknowledge or keep the audience separate from the character, enhancing his lonely isolation or do we want people to be able to be able to relate to woyzeck to see him as normal therefore making his crime all the more frightening and shocking as he is 'natural' as are we all.


because kate wanted to see some of my notes. f x

these are some of my research notes...

the page below is george grosz, he did satirical caricatures.

new objectivity is an art movement which ended in 1933 with the rise of hitler and end of the weimer republic. George Grosz and otto dix were a huge part of it (on the first page of research on this post) i dont really like otto dix's work but i thought that one i got is good compositionally at representing someone like Woyzeck.
these were some sketches of a few scenes i did (after the advice of peter to start drawing scenes).

i did a few more but i liked the last two (although they are from opposite ends of the play) the most. in the ground are 'freemasons' telling Woyzeck what to do etc. i just liked the layer, i'm not sure why i gave them flash helmets but i like it. A lot of the other scenes i drew were a bit worthless but it was good for getting some ideas and thoughts out even if they're not really used.

lots of love :)


Here are a few photos from the cochrane, the proposed space....

view off the stage at the audience

here is the bar area...

i have more, if you want me to put them up

Sunday, 2 May 2010


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyqbnDjId7g -this is a link to film about a girl called oxana Malaya who was brought up by dogs.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

i am really interested into looking more at the theme of animalistic tendancies. Prehaps the characters could have an animalistic nature to them, ie- slightly distorted. They could wear masks or parts of masks that represent their character. Woyzeck could have slightly apeish features, taken from the bit when the sergent says, "there's a good monkey" and the drum major is said to "fly like an eagle". Im not talking about it looking comical but for example the drum major could have quite a long pointy nose and beady eyes....

I also really like the style of the pictures i put up before and Flroence said we could definately take the distorted geometric style, and colours of these paintings. the cave paintings also fit well with this!

I went to go and see Satygraha by Phillip Glass, designed by Julian Crouch and i really like the use of the huge puppets- i felt it was really effective, i will post a picture of what im talking about, its always an idea, but making them fit better to the cochrane rather than the colloseum!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

GUESS WHAT! my grandpa is in the freemasons, the people Woyzeck is afraid of. OOERRR! should ask him what its about but i dont think he's allowed to talk about it, could be getting that very wrong though. i'll ask mama mein xxxx

Monday, 26 April 2010

Cave Painting

reminds me of the paintings charlie put up, and its quite primal.



apparently this is actually a depiction of a performance


i couldn't figure out how to resize the pics so have left them as links

Louie Spence shows us how to do acting metamorphosis

This is relevant as a lot of Woyzeck is about the underlying animalistic nature of humans. it would be interesting if the actors were choreographed to have certain quirks that weren't really obvious but subtly hinted at an uncivilised, untainted nature. also was thinking about the different viewpoints and how underneath we're all just animals (although i dont know about the captain so this might not really fit) but basically we put the 'animals' literally underneath the real action. so two levels. am i looking at the animal thing to much? i think i might be but anyway just throwing it out there.

Theatre Of Cruelty.

Created by Antonin Artaud. He believed the theaters function was to rid audiences of the repressive effects of civilisation and liberate their instinctual energy the proposed to do so by shocking them with mythic spectacles that would include groans, screams, pulsating lights and oversized stage puppets. An example is Les Cenci.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

different sets i found from Woyzeck....


i was looking at some art that i thought may influence us, i like the style of these paintings, and the man seems to remind me of the captain!!