Wednesday, 28 April 2010

GUESS WHAT! my grandpa is in the freemasons, the people Woyzeck is afraid of. OOERRR! should ask him what its about but i dont think he's allowed to talk about it, could be getting that very wrong though. i'll ask mama mein xxxx

Monday, 26 April 2010

Cave Painting

reminds me of the paintings charlie put up, and its quite primal.

apparently this is actually a depiction of a performance

i couldn't figure out how to resize the pics so have left them as links

Louie Spence shows us how to do acting metamorphosis

This is relevant as a lot of Woyzeck is about the underlying animalistic nature of humans. it would be interesting if the actors were choreographed to have certain quirks that weren't really obvious but subtly hinted at an uncivilised, untainted nature. also was thinking about the different viewpoints and how underneath we're all just animals (although i dont know about the captain so this might not really fit) but basically we put the 'animals' literally underneath the real action. so two levels. am i looking at the animal thing to much? i think i might be but anyway just throwing it out there.

Theatre Of Cruelty.

Created by Antonin Artaud. He believed the theaters function was to rid audiences of the repressive effects of civilisation and liberate their instinctual energy the proposed to do so by shocking them with mythic spectacles that would include groans, screams, pulsating lights and oversized stage puppets. An example is Les Cenci.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

different sets i found from Woyzeck....


i was looking at some art that i thought may influence us, i like the style of these paintings, and the man seems to remind me of the captain!!

Friday, 23 April 2010


i really like the section from about 40 seconds to 1.15. I like the difference and the combination of the 2 perspectives.
It is interesting how we automatically started looking at dance pieces, had not even considered Woyzeck in that way.
I am still thinking about woyzeck as a individual in comparison to everyone else. He seems very alone and frustrated.
what i got from the movement class today is the power a group of people can have in performance, and the contrasts between
moving in unity willingly and unwillingly.

DV8 Physical Theatre

this is what i told charlie about when we were talking about dance and how shunt had really choreographed all there movement and timing of slamming doors etc.
there's not a huge link to woyzeck but the start they are looking through windows and in woyzeck he seems to look through windows a lot. like when he sees maria dancing with the drum major (if you have that in your versions) and when maria is looking out the window, but anyway what i am getting at is DIFFERENT VIEWPOINTS! audience looking in on the action through a window. i think kate said it was called voyeurism (well done kate). strange fish is just interesting/another thing they did i just added it in, also if you want to look at the other things they have on youtube, most are interesting, one seems to involve a crazy guy, you have to stick it out but it ends with a lot of jumping and his need to love. its quite clever.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Here is a couple of versions of Woyzech i have seen online, loving the first one!