Friday, 28 May 2010


Sorry for late posting i passed some onto florence already but here is the full list of suggestions to look at.

Linking our peice to nature?
Is the pipes the wilderness or is man the human natural form? Define this clearer.
I have done some stage drawings of the pipes inspired by leaves and the patterns within them. However I see the man/beast symbolising the nature in our peice.

Is it true to the text? As we are going more abstact we can afford to move away from the text if we wish. Are ALL the scenes vital? Is it a more movement peice (physical theatre?)I like the idea of combining movement and play?? by frantic assembly)

The pipes as practicality. How wide? Can they walk on them? Harness? (i think no harness make the audience sweat!) What kind of actors do we need? dancers? acrobats/moutain climbers???

The pipes theme. 70s stage design? CLICHE!! beware of that! or consiously put it in. Making it different by using water through the pipes/ using the idea of a cage. is it boring with no change?? should we have pipes that fly in? or something else? no inside/outwside good or bad!!! Test with....
climbing frames
gym equipment
circuis space
Look at peter brook 'midsummers night dream' and some play by sally jacobs that i dont have the name of

The characters
Is a lion appropriote? As it suggests no hope for woyzech the whole time. is the drum major the leader of everyone??? doctor has power but frog doesnt resemble this so much. dog can be feral and wild?

How we treat animals is coming up as a strong theme.
Watch 'the animals film

re invent it???

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