Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Looking at physical theatre. Rather than just 'dance' in integrates the text much better

  • Work is often devised, rather than originated from a pre-existing script (an exception to this would be Shared Experience who focus on making contemporary reinterpretations of highly literary plays including A Doll's House by Ibsen and War and Peace by Tolstoy).
  • Work has inter-disciplinary origins - it crosses between music, dance, visual art as well as theatre.
  • Work challenges the traditional, proscenium arch, performer/audience relationship.
  • Work celebrates the non-passive audience.
  • Work utilises the imagination of the audience in conjunction with the imagination of the performers

originated from jaques lecoq clowning school, and i can see links now from our lesson. We used object manipulation and the pipes are also being used for many different purposes by the performers.

looked up the adaptations they recommended
this is one of the plays 'a dolls house' by bate breath theatre company.

put more up later xxx

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