Saturday, 1 May 2010

i am really interested into looking more at the theme of animalistic tendancies. Prehaps the characters could have an animalistic nature to them, ie- slightly distorted. They could wear masks or parts of masks that represent their character. Woyzeck could have slightly apeish features, taken from the bit when the sergent says, "there's a good monkey" and the drum major is said to "fly like an eagle". Im not talking about it looking comical but for example the drum major could have quite a long pointy nose and beady eyes....

I also really like the style of the pictures i put up before and Flroence said we could definately take the distorted geometric style, and colours of these paintings. the cave paintings also fit well with this!

I went to go and see Satygraha by Phillip Glass, designed by Julian Crouch and i really like the use of the huge puppets- i felt it was really effective, i will post a picture of what im talking about, its always an idea, but making them fit better to the cochrane rather than the colloseum!

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