Tuesday, 4 May 2010

these are some of my research notes...

the page below is george grosz, he did satirical caricatures.

new objectivity is an art movement which ended in 1933 with the rise of hitler and end of the weimer republic. George Grosz and otto dix were a huge part of it (on the first page of research on this post) i dont really like otto dix's work but i thought that one i got is good compositionally at representing someone like Woyzeck.
these were some sketches of a few scenes i did (after the advice of peter to start drawing scenes).

i did a few more but i liked the last two (although they are from opposite ends of the play) the most. in the ground are 'freemasons' telling Woyzeck what to do etc. i just liked the layer, i'm not sure why i gave them flash helmets but i like it. A lot of the other scenes i drew were a bit worthless but it was good for getting some ideas and thoughts out even if they're not really used.

lots of love :)

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