Tuesday, 1 June 2010

this weekend i...

i made these after thinking about what peter said as to whether we take it 'to the next level' with scaling up the idea of animal heads or leave it as it is. with these we can make an informed decision and decide completely why we would have it how we would. also had a thought that maybe the part where marie is dancing with captain is when actually a big masquerade ball and so the costume would be more elaborate and obvious as it is 'fancy dress' and then it would be quite interesting to show this as woyzeck's completion in to insanity. as to the doctor, me and charlie were talking and perhaps he should be human? because if he's meant to be higher in the food chain than the lion perhaps that is a human, also interesting as animal cruelty/testing?
in no way are these finals but they are just to give an idea to how it would look and to show EXPERIMENTATION so....

just an idea that the captain who we haven't got an animal for yet (could be wrong) could be a wolf, predator etc.

before painting

he now looks quite friendly... LETS TURN IT IN TO A COMEDY! NO?
bad photo of it but black swan mask for marie, the idea was that the feathers go back in to her hair so not that obvious
parrot haven't taken eye holes out yet
white swan, again marie, experimenting with it.

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