Friday, 23 April 2010

DV8 Physical Theatre

this is what i told charlie about when we were talking about dance and how shunt had really choreographed all there movement and timing of slamming doors etc.
there's not a huge link to woyzeck but the start they are looking through windows and in woyzeck he seems to look through windows a lot. like when he sees maria dancing with the drum major (if you have that in your versions) and when maria is looking out the window, but anyway what i am getting at is DIFFERENT VIEWPOINTS! audience looking in on the action through a window. i think kate said it was called voyeurism (well done kate). strange fish is just interesting/another thing they did i just added it in, also if you want to look at the other things they have on youtube, most are interesting, one seems to involve a crazy guy, you have to stick it out but it ends with a lot of jumping and his need to love. its quite clever.

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